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How do I decide which fire will heat my room sufficiently?
As a rough guide only, measure the room and multiply the height x width x depth (in metres), and divide this by 14. The result is the average heating requirements for the room in kWs.

Please note that the construction, insulation, furnishings and type and number of windows in the room must be taken into consideration.

Who should fit and service my fire?
All gas appliances must be installed and annually serviced by a competent person. Gas Safe registered installers (formally Corgi) are the only class of person considered as competent by the HSE. Please visit for your local installer. If your appliance is installed by a non-registered Gas Safe installer then the manufacturer's guarantee will immediately be void.

What safety features are incorporated?
All Focal Point gas fires are fitted with an Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) and a Flame Supervision Device (FSD) for complete safety and peace of mind. Certain appliances within the range have individual safety features which can be found under the product details.

All electric fires are fitted with a thermal trip switch that monitors the temperature inside the appliance, and senses any change if it becomes covered or displaced for any reason. The trip switch will automatically switch off the heater, which then must be reset manually before it will operate further.

What is an ODS and FSD?
An Oxygen Depletion Sensor (O.D.S) detects when oxygen Ievels in the room fall below a specified level and cause the pilot flame to lift away from the sensing probe. This activates the Flame Supervision Device (F.S.D), which cuts off the gas supply inside the valve and renders the appliance safe.

Do gas appliances require an electrical supply?
Rotary and remote controlled fires do not require a power supply to operate. The remotes use ultrasonic technology which is battery powered. Powaflue appliances require a mains supply to power the fan extraction unit.

What are the running costs?
The running costs of each appliance can be calculated quite simply using the following calculation: Running Cost = Energy Input (gross) x Your Bill Tariff.

Example: Gas Energy Input (gross) 6.2kW x Gas Bill Tariff (gross) 2.4p/kWh = Running Cost 14.9p per hour.

Example: Electric fire set to 2.0kW heat setting with flame effect: Electric Energy Input 2.06kW x Your Electricity Bill Tariff 8.1p / kWH = Running Cost 16.7p per hour.

Your Bill Tariff figure can be taken from a recent bill, or contact your provider for this information.

Where can I purchase spare parts?
All spare parts can be obtained from our NEW online spares website at The part number will be required which can be found in our Spares section.

100% Efficient Flueless Gas Fires

Are fires easy to light and operate?

All gas fires come with traditional rotary control which incorporates a piezo spark ignition, and is fully variable between the preset HIGH and LOW settings.

Are they Safe?

For complete safety and piece of mind all of our fires incorporate an Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS), which detect when the oxygen levels in the room fall below a specified level and cause the pilot flame to lift away from the sensing probe. This activates the Flame Supervision Device (FSD), which cuts off the gas supply to the fire and renders the appliance safe. For additional safety, all of our flueless fires are fitted with a catalytic converter system to ensure excellent levels of air quality.

Can flueless fires be installed into bedrooms?

Flueless appliances may be installed into bedrooms upon implementation of BS 5871 pt 4. An electronic carbon monoxide detector complying with the current edition of BSEN 50291 must be installed in the same room as the appliance.

For maximum safety it is recommended that such device is continuously (mains) powered and arranged in such a way that the gas supply to the appliance is isolated in the event of an alarm. The selection and installation of such device shall be in accordance with the current edition of BSEN 50292, and the user must be briefed regarding the use and maintenance of such device.

Can I convert my gas fire from one fuel to another

Unfortunately it is not possible to convert an appliance from LPG to natural gas or vice versa.

Can I have a 100% efficient gas fire?

Focal Point flueless fires are the perfect flat wall, no chimney solution to instant warmth that simply hangs on the wall. Our innovative technology provides a flexible design for your house or apartment, allowing you to install a fire not only in the living room, but also dining room, office, study, and kitchen. If you have a gas supply and can run a standard 8mm gas pipe to the fire installation point, while ensuring you have the minimum room size and adequate ventilation you can benefit from this technology.

*Flueless fires are not permitted in the bathroom.

Can I have a TV above my fire?

Under no circumstances should any electrical equipment e.g. TV be positioned on the wall above the appliance as the heat outlet is at the top of the appliance.

Eco friendly – reducing the Greenhouse Effect

We all have our part to play in making our homes more environmentally friendly and flueless technology has been awarded five stars for eco value for money, by leading eco-consultant Donnachadh McCarthy. Article from the Sunday Times, 2006.

If the 15 million flued gas fires in the UK were replaced by flueless fires, we would save 40,260,000,000 kW of gas every year which would in turn reduce carbon dioxide emissions by over 7,649,400 tonnes every year.*

*Calculation is based on the assumption of 4 hours a day for 5 months of the year.

A flueless gas fire converts 100% of the gas to heat unlike open coal effect fires which convert as little as 10%. Typically running costs are less than 5 pence per hour on high, which is approximately a third of the running cost of a conventional gas fire. By choosing a flueless gas fire it is possible to make a real contribution towards reducing global warming and lower gas bills at the same time.

How does a catalytic converter work?

The catalytic converter in our fires works much the same as the one in a motor vehicle. The catalytic converter is a honeycomb coated in rare metals. Oxygen 'sticks' to the coating and when a carbon monoxide molecule meets it, the oxygen converts the carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide and water vapour, both of which are present in fresh air.

How does this work?

Flueless fires incorporate the latest in gas fire technology and do not need a chimney or flue to operate. Instead, the combustion gases pass through a catalytic converter system, positioned at the top of the appliance, which converts carbon monoxide into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapour, levels of which are so low they are typically present in fresh air. In fact, the catalytic converter works so effectively that it can actually help to clean the air by neutralising airborne particles and odours, therefore helping to reduce household allergies

How long does the catalytic converter last?

Independent tests commissioned to establish the life expectancy of the catalytic converter have proved that even after 16,957 hours (approximately equivalent to 27 years and eight months of normal use)* the catalytic converter is as effective as when it is new.

*Calculation is based on the assumption of 4 hours a day for 5 months of the year.

What about condensation?

All of our flueless fires are designed to supplement central heating and should be used as a secondary heat source only. Therefore, the background ambient temperature of the room will prevent any moisture from condensing on colder surfaces such as single glazed windows.

What power should I go for?

If the room is bigger than 100m3 we advise buying a 3.5Kw version. If the room is smaller than 100m3 then the 2.6kW or 2kW version will suffice.

The room size is calculated by using the following: Height x Depth x Width.

What ventilation is required?

Most heating appliances need ventilation to maintain the correct level of oxygen in the room. All of our flueless appliances installed in the UK require only 100cm² of additional purpose-provided ventilation which must communicate directly with outside air and be at least 500mm away from the fire.

We recommend the 100cm² ArrestAir-Pro which can be found here

*For installation in the Republic of Ireland, two fixed openings are required with a minimum effective opening each of 60cm. Both ventilators should be fitted on the same wall, one at high level and one low level with a minimum vertical separation of 160cm.

Conventional Inset Gas Fires

Are fires easy to light and operate?

All gas fires come with traditional rotary control which incorporates a piezo spark ignition, and is fully variable between the preset HIGH and LOW settings.

Selected appliances in the Focal Point Fires range are available with remote control. The remote control option enables control of the appliance from the comfort of your armchair, a feature especially beneficial to the elderly, disabled or infirm.

What fire do I need?

The initial step is to identify what flue you have. You will then be able to determine which fire will be compatible by searching through the relevant products.

What ventillation is required?

No additional ventilation is required when installing most appliances in the range. Your Gas Safe registered installer will draw your attention to any requirements which may lead to installation of additional ventilation.

Why are the coals or pebbles sooting?

Sooting normally occurs if the coals or pebbles are positioned incorrectly on the fuel bed causing flame impingement.

Please consult your installation instructions for the correct layout and ensure that the flame ports are clear.

Why has my remote control stopped working?

The batteries may require replacing. There is 1 x PP3 (9v) battery in the handset and 4 x AA (1.5v) batteres in the receiver. The receiver is located on the right hand side of the fire.

Why has my slide control stopped working?

The battery may require replacing. There is 1 x PP3 (9v) battery in the top of the ignition unit on the left hand side of the fire.

Electric Fires

Are fires easy to light and operate?

Our range of electric fires feature high-level switches that are purposely positioned with the elderly in mind.

Can the flame effect be used independent of heat?

All electric appliances benefit by having the flame effect operational on its own for visual enhancement only.

There is no heat from my fire

This problem is normally caused by a dust and/or fluff build-up on the heater fan. Clean the heat outlet grille with a vacuum cleaner to remove any accumulation. The soft brush attachment should be used.