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User Manuals

Product User Manuals

Please select your fire from the list below and download the relevant instruction manual. This is available as a PDF document. You will require Adobe Reader to open the PDF file. If you haven't got this software then please select the Adobe link below and follow the installation instructions.

The PDF document may have more than one page, so please look through the information supplied carefully.
Please Note: In order to view these manuals you will require a PDF Reader.   
Product Type User Manual
100% Efficient Flueless Gas Fires
Cascara Wall Mounted Download
Cheshire Wall Mounted Download
Dalvik Flueless Gas Stove Download
Ebony Wall Mounted Download
Envy Inset Download
Inset Inset Download
Leirvik Flueless Gas Stove Download
Libra Wall Mounted Download
Memoirs Wall Mounted Download
Midnight / Portobello Wall Mounted Download
Monet Wall Mounted Download
Oxford Wall Mounted Download
Piano Wall Mounted Download
Pinoir Wall Mounted Download
Purist Wall Mounted Download
Scandium / Mercano Wall Mounted Download
Serif Wall Mounted Download
Valeria Wall Mounted Download
Conventional Inset Gas Fires
Bi-Flame Inset Download
Excelsior Convector Inset Download
Excelsior Expanse Inset Download
Excelsior Inset Inset Download
Excelsior Multiflue Inset Download
Excelsior Multiflue Powaflue Inset Download
Excelsior Radiant Inset Download
Excelsior Radiant Powaflue Inset Download
Excelsior Slimline Inset Download
Full Depth Inset Download
Hannington Inset DGF Download
High Efficiency (HE) Inset Download
Kingswood Gas Suite Suite Download
Multiflue Inset Download
Polaris / White Stone Inset DGF Download
Vogue Inset Download
Vorlan Inset Download
Electric Fires
Avonbury Electric Fire Suite Freestanding Download
Charmouth Wall Mounted Download
Ebony Wall Mounted Download
ES2000 Stove Mk2 Free Standing Download
Evoke Wall Mounted Download
Kingswood Electric Suite Suite Download
LCD Inset Inset Download
LED Inset Inset Download
Libra Wall Mounted Download
Nero Cube LCD Electric Suite Freestanding Download
Osmington Wall Mounted Download
Pasadena/Limousin Download
Yeovilton Wall Mounted Download
Charlottesville Surround None
Durham Surround None
Mini Mercia Surround None
Nebraska Surround None
Regent Surround None
Sutherland Surround None
Wichita Surround None
Woodthorpe Surround None

Discontinued Product User Manuals

This list contains our discontinued fires.
Please Note: In order to view these manuals you will require a PDF Reader.   
Product User Manual
100% Efficient Flueless Gas Fires
Aden Download
Afina HE Download
Aislin HE 30 Download
Alita Download
Alva Download
Berkshire Download
Capella Download
Cascara (Serial number prefix FPN) Download
Centurion 30 Download
Centurion 40 Download
Centurion Stove Download
Cheshire (Serial number prefix FPN) Download
Como Download
Ebony (Serial number prefix FPN) Download
Eco 1000 Download
Eco 500 Download
Elite Download
Enigma / Florence Download
Excelsior Flueless Download
Excelsior Flueless Stove Download
Fireglo Flueless Download
Flueless Family Download
L23 Black & P23 Contemporary Download
Landscape Download
Lascar Download
Mayon Download
Memoirs (Serial number prefix FPN) Download
Midnight (Serial number prefix FPN) Download
Muse Download
Noir Download
Oblique Download
Plasma Download
Platinum Download
Portobello Download
Reflection Download
Saturn Download
Serenity Download
Shaftesbury Download
Stone Download
Telica Download
Veyron L27 Download
Veyron P23 Download
Wickes Cast Iron Flueless Stove Download
Wiltshire Download
Conventional Inset Gas Fires
16" High Tech Download
18" High Tech Download
Afina Convector Download
Afina Inset Download
Afina Multiflue Download
Afina Radiant Download
Afina Slimline Download
Akan Download
Alvor Download
Alvor Download
Arch Full Depth Download
Aries Download
Aries Full Depth Download
Ashleigh 2 Convectaflame Download
Ashleigh High Tech Download
Ashleigh Plus Download
Ashleigh Plus, Kensington & Reality Remote Download
Ashleigh Plus, Kensington, Reality Powaflue Download
Aura Full Depth Download
Aura Full Depth (Serial number prefix FPN) Download
Avant Download
Avant Chairbrick Download
Avant Inset Download
Balanced Flue Family Download
Blenheim 20 Download
Blenheim Full Depth ((Serial number prefix FPN) Download
Blenheim Multiflue (Serial number prefix FPN) Download
Contemporary Slimline Download
Convectaflame Download
Convectaflame Powaflue Download
Designer Download
DGF Family Download
Elegance Multiflue Download
Elysee Download
Elysee Fanflue Download
Enigma Download
Excelsior Multiflue LPG Download
Excelsior Slimline LPG Download
Fan Flue Family Download
Finsbury Full Depth Download
Fireglo Multiflue Download
Fireglo Multiflue Fanflue Download
Fireglo Slimline Download
Fuego Download
Horizon Download
Horizon Full Depth Download
Hotflame Download
Islington Download
Jemez Download
Jemez LPG Download
Jemez Powaflue Download
Kavachi Download
Kensington & Reality Download
Kimmeridge Mantle Download
Langham Full Depth Download
Lulworth Full Depth Download
Lulworth LPG Download
Lulworth Multiflue (Serial number prefix FPN) Download
Lyndhurst Download
Milos Download
Nimo Mantle Download
Odyssey Download
Olympique Download
Oregon Download
Panoramic / Colima Download
Reality Convector Download
Reality High-Tech Download
Reflection Download
Soho Full Depth Download
Supa 400 Download
Supa 400 Fingerswitch Download
Supa 500 Download
Vectaflame Reality Download
Versailles Download
Versailles Balanced Flue Download
Vogue (serial number prefix FPN) Download
Wickes 3.1kW Slimline Download
Wickes Contemporary Gas Suite Download
Wickes Platinum Download
Wickes Taper Inset Mk1 Download
Wickes Taper Inset Mk2 Download
Electric Fires
475 & 565 Stoves Download
Andalusia Download
Ashleigh Plus Download
Blenheim Download
Cascara Download
Cinta Download
ES1000 Download
ES2000 & 3000 Download
ES4000 Download
Fireglo Electric Download
Florence Download
Halios Download
Hotflame Download
Islington Download
Kavachi / Mirror Download
Lulworth Download
Midnight/Callisto Download
Mirror Download
Model 410 Download
Model 420 & 500 Download
Monet / Taos Download
Oblique Download
Oregon Download
Panoramic Download
Piano Download
Ribbon Download
Signal Download
Slimline Download
Tuscany Download
Umbria Download
Valeria Download
Vectaflame Download
Vogue Download
Vorlan Electric Download
Wickes 2kW Multiflue Download
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