Electric Fire FAQs

The fire is not working at all

Please ensure that the socket and the appliance on/off switch is turned on.  To eliminate a potentially faulty socket, please use an alternative and replace the fuse in the plug.

Can the flame effect be used independent of the heat?

All electric appliances benefit by having the flame effect operational on its own for visual enhancement only.

There is no heat from my fire

This problem is normally caused by a dust and/or fluff build-up on the heater fan. Clean the heat outlet grille with a vacuum cleaner to remove any accumulation. The soft brush attachment should be used.

My remote control isn’t working?

Please replace the battery or batteries within the handset.

The light is not coming on.

The bulb or LEDs may require replacing.  Please consult the Installation and User Instructions.

There is no heat coming from the fire.

Please ensure that the heat switches are on.  Switch the appliance off at the wall socket or outlet. Leave the fire off for a period of no less than 10 minutes, ensuring all

obstructions are removed. Switch the appliance ON at the wall. Ensure the appliance is turned ON at the control switches.

The heater runs for a short period and then shuts off.

Clean all vents with a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust or debris accumulation.  The soft brush attachment should be used.  If the fire is an inset fire and has been fitted into a chimney, ensure that the chimney has been closed off.