The Skalvik is a modern electric stove which features LED technology designed to significantly improve the flame picture and running performance. LED technology not only provides a deeper, richer flame picture with enhanced flame movement but is also a fraction of the cost to run when compared to a conventional incandescent bulb. It will last a lot longer too. The Skalvik is freestanding stove allowing you to stand in almost any location or position and the heater is omitted out of the bottom canopy. The mains power lead is approx. 1.6m long.

The controls are positioned on the right hand side of the stove to allow for easy access but the Skalvik also features a remote control. The Skalvik can be selected to operate without the heat and just have a flame effect only setting so you can enjoy the look and feel of a flickering flame (without heat) for an all year round focalpoint.