How do I decide which fire will heat my room sufficiently?
As a rough guide only, measure the room and multiply the height x width x depth (in metres), and divide this by 14. The result is the average heating requirements for the room in kWs.

Please note that the construction, insulation, furnishings and type and number of windows in the room must be taken into consideration.

Who should fit and service my fire?
All gas appliances must be installed and annually serviced by a competent person. Gas Safe registered installers (formally Corgi) are the only class of person considered as competent by the HSE. Please visit www.gassaferegister.co.uk for your local installer. If your appliance is installed by a non-registered Gas Safe installer then the manufacturer’s guarantee will immediately be void.

What safety features are incorporated?
All Focal Point gas fires are fitted with an Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) and a Flame Supervision Device (FSD) for complete safety and peace of mind. Certain appliances within the range have individual safety features which can be found under the product details.

All electric fires are fitted with a thermal trip switch that monitors the temperature inside the appliance, and senses any change if it becomes covered or displaced for any reason. The trip switch will automatically switch off the heater, which then must be reset manually before it will operate further.

What is an ODS and FSD?
An Oxygen Depletion Sensor (O.D.S) detects when oxygen Ievels in the room fall below a specified level and cause the pilot flame to lift away from the sensing probe. This activates the Flame Supervision Device (F.S.D), which cuts off the gas supply inside the valve and renders the appliance safe.

Do gas appliances require an electrical supply?
Rotary and remote controlled fires do not require a power supply to operate. The remotes use ultrasonic technology which is battery powered. Powaflue appliances require a mains supply to power the fan extraction unit.

What are the running costs?
The running costs of each appliance can be calculated quite simply using the following calculation: Running Cost = Energy Input (gross) x Your Bill Tariff.

Example: Gas Energy Input (gross) 6.2kW x Gas Bill Tariff (gross) 2.4p/kWh = Running Cost 14.9p per hour.

Example: Electric fire set to 2.0kW heat setting with flame effect: Electric Energy Input 2.06kW x Your Electricity Bill Tariff 8.1p / kWH = Running Cost 16.7p per hour.

Your Bill Tariff figure can be taken from a recent bill, or contact your provider for this information.

Where can I purchase spare parts?
All spare parts can be obtained from our NEW online spares website at www.focalpointspares.com The part number will be required which can be found in our Spares section.