Ebony LED

The Ebony is a contemporary wall mounted LED electric fire which features a slimline profile and a sleek curved black glass fascia. The Ebony will seamlessly integrate into your living space providing a modern focal point to your room where space is a premium.

To simplify operation there are three heat settings: 1) LED effect only, 2) LED effect + 0.75kW Heat and 3) LED effect + 1.5kW Heat. The mains and fan heater controls can be operate by the remote control or by the buttons on the right hand side of the fire. The Ebony features 5 flame settings which allow you to control the flame intensity. This versatile modern wall mounted electric fire simply hangs on the wall. A popular feature is that a TV can be positioned directly above the fire due to the fact that the Ebony has a fan heater at the bottom of the fire which directs the heat downwards.

This product is only suitable for well insulated spaces or occasional use.